Farlight Explorers: DevLog Update 6

Hi everyone!

We have just finished three new 3d models, and we would like to show you some images.

The models are The oxygen generator, a machine that uses water and electricity in order to create oxygen. The Container, an object where the player can put all the object wants. Not only the player can use the Container, robotic arms can use it too. And the last one, The Ore Extractor Station, It is a machine that extract minerals automatically. The player can get the ores form the machines or put a robotic arm near to do it.

Also we are adding more songs to the game, we are working on the HUD of the player, we are designing the new planet environment and fixing and repairing as many bugs as we can. I hope to have a new alpha release in a few weeks with all the new updates.

The Oxygen Generator:

The Container:

The Ore Extractor Station:

Now We would like to share with you one of the new soundtracks that you could heard during the gameplay.

This picture is the concepts of mountains that we are going to add into the planets in order to create a better environment.

And here you can see ingame how the mountains affect to the environemnt. Of course is in WIP, so may change. Also we are thinking to add more features and effects like craters, rocks, ruins, etc…

Thank you for your support!

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