Farlight Explorers: DevLog Update 5

We finished since the last update until now several 3d models, and we would like to show you and explain a little how they work.

Also we are improving and fixing some bugs of the game, and adding new gameplay features as text when the mouse is over an item in the inventory, up and down flying for the player and more…

I apologize for the delay of the update, but with the christmas holidays it is hard to move forward in the game.

First one, Electric Battery. An essential object for the player in the beginning of the game, when he only can build solar generators, because in the dark night, all the buildings need power and the solar generators don’t work.

The battery with low charge.

Now the different kind of tanks, water, oxygen, acid and oil.

In the game, the player could choose between the model with base or without base. The model without base is perfect for spaceships, for example if the player put some tanks in one of the sides of the spaceships, the ships will look like trade spaceship that transport different fluid.

Now We would like to show you the water pump:

And finally one of the foundations.

Thank you for your support!

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