Hi everyone!!

I would like to show to the gamers community the music that I will include in the future versions of the game. I decided for a mystery/exploration/relaxing sci-fi songs because I think that InfiniExplorers is a game that the player has to spend lot of hours, exploring, building, discovering and the music should help the player to feel like is in a vast space and there are a lot of things to discover. 

Of course none of this wouldn't have been possible without the help of the compositor Andrea.

Hallo, I’m Andrea, a Sound Engeneer, Sound Designer and Music Composer, I’m working for the project Farlight Explorers for a while and we have produced the first sound effects and musics for the game.I’m very pleased to be aboard of this promising game and how the project manager is focusing on the audio, for now we are working on the implementation of SFX for the first buildings, tools, character, maps and some musics, you can check on my web page the OST (in game some soundtrack could have different or more variations).

Thanks to all of you and who have tried the game and have reported bugs or any kind of suggestions, we really appreciate this.Have fun with Farlight Explorers

Farlight Explorers OST:!infiniexplorers/c1ry0

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